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 wellbeing (noun): the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous 




MISSION: Aspen City of Wellbeing (ACW) serves to measure, prioritize, and improve wellbeing.

LOCAL VISION: Roaring Fork Valley citizens, non-profits, businesses, and governments work together to maximize wellbeing in a meaningful and measurable way.

GLOBAL VISION: Aspen will serve as a model and a global destinatinon for those seeking to enhance their own wellbeing using the Mind Body Spirit Rx



If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.

Thich Nhat Hanh




MEASURE: Aspen City of Wellbeing (ACW) funds a Gallup Wellbeing Index survey of the Roaring Fork Valley. 

This address-based sampling will give us data on how our residents are doing according to the 5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing:

Purpose, Community, Social, Financial, and Physical.


PRIORITIZE: By partnering with local governments, businesses, and other organizations,

we are getting a financial as well as philosophical commitment to valuing wellbeing.


IMPROVE: We analyze the data from the Wellbeing survey to craft prescriptions to improve wellbeing.

These interventions are categorized according the 5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing.

We call these prescriptions our Mind Body Spirit Rx™. 

We deliver these prescriptions in the form of in-person programs as well as e-courses and other online content.







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We are Aspen. We are abundant in natural resources, human intellect, collective creativity, and global influence.

We are a community and we believe together we can improve wellbeing and be a leader

and model for other communities to do the same.





We are a community of extremely healthy and fit individuals (body) who are seeking

and striving for a deeper spiritual connection through nature (spirit) and we have

ample opportunity to stimulate the mind with lectures and conferences with

internationally recognized celebrities and geniuses through events like The Aspen

Idea’s Fest (mind.)


Branding Aspen as “The City of Wellbeing” will create a magnetic effect as those who

strive for greater balance and equanimity, health and wellness will be drawn to our

beautiful valley.


The sad truth is, while Aspen has so many tremendous positive qualities, there is

work to be done to support and nourish our citizens. We have a suicide rate that is

three times the national average. This is a call to action to create comprehensive



What we are really striving for is a system that can motivate and encourage and

assist our citizen to find optimal health in whatever way fits their lifestyle. The “City

of Wellbeing” task force will organize and market a monthly series of open

workshops with expert “City of Wellbeing” ambassadors. These ambassadors will be

local experts in health, wellness and nutrition to teach skills necessary to achieve

benchmark goals through City of Wellbeing protocols. The protocols, once

developed, will be packaged in a way that can be easily shared and utilized by all at

whatever level: Elite athletes, office dwellers, handicap and anyone in between will

be able to participate and track progress. This is a democratic system of wellness

designed to benefit all with simple, proven exercises and lifestyle choices that can

positively affect wellbeing. Our goal is to be the leader/Vanguard/trend setter with

this experiment to help create an epidemic of wellbeing globally.



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